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Love sms

The lovely love Theorem -
To Love some 1 is madness,
2b loved by someone is a Gift,
loving some1 who loves u is a duty,
but being loved by some1 whom u luv is LIFE.

How Much Love In Your Heart....? CHOOOOOSE... 100 % ( Call Me) 50 % ( Sms Me ) 25 % ( Only A Ring) 0 % NO Answer) Regards !!!!!

Roses are waiting for hours,
need one touch of yours.
my life is like a rose,
need one love dose.
flowers grows with love & sunshine,
& i'll live till you remain mine

Friendship sms

V smile at whom V Like,
V cry for whom V care,
V laugh with whom we enjoy,
and V become angry with whom we feel is our own...

That's Friendship...
That's Love...

Life can be hard & not always fun. But as night brings dark Friendship is a promise made in the heart - silently, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time. Take care always beloved friend.

Feelings R Many, but Words R few...
Clouds R dark, but Sky is blue...
Love is a paper, Life is a glue...
Everything is false... but
Friendship is True...!!

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