Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweet Messages

If u are a chocolate you are the SWEETEST
If u are a teddy bear you are the most HUGGABLE
If u are a star you are the BRIGHTEST
and since you are my friend…U R THE BEST

I kept your name in my JOURNAL,
and posted you in the LEDGER of my heart,
you wont be classified as FIXED ASSETS,
because the MARKET VALUE of friendship
will never DEPRECIATE from heart.

Life starts INTENSE,
But Ends with SILENSE.
Love starts with FEAR,
Buts ends with TEARS.
And Friendship starts HOWEVER,
Will always Remain FOREVER.

During our friendship,
there will be times
you wont see me beside you,
don’t think I left you behind,
I just choose to walk behind you
so I can catch when you Fall.

Friendship is not about finding
the right person but,
Creating the right relation.
It’s not how much we care
in the beginning but how much
we care till the end.

Sweet Messages - Friendship Sms

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