Friday, March 5, 2010

Friendship Love sms

some thing can not be described
some moments can not be shared

If u Trust Someone
trust Till The End
Whatever Be The
In The End
Either You'II Have A
Very Good Friend
A Very Good Lesson

IF u Want to "MISS"me,
IF u Want to "FEEL"me,
Close ur Eyes& keep ur Hand on ur Heart,
Then Listen.
Yes!Its me

life starts with sound but ends with silence,
love starts with dear but ends with tear,
&true friendship starts with however but ends never.
some feelings can not be explained
some words can not be described
but.....nothing can be hidden from a true friend

Always in my happiest
and saddest moments,
you are my best friend and confidante.
I come to you for everything,
and you listen to me without judgment.

its my last sms 4 u
last boleto
L-love u always
A-all time miss u
S-save u
T-true friend in my life

A Wish
No tears 2 depress U,
Only joys 2 Surround U,
Many friends like me 2 Love u,
ALLAH Himself 2 bless U,
These r my very special wishes 4 U,
2mrw &

Friendship Love sms

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